Melbourne Community Toy Library

How does a toy library work?

You can exchange toys as you would books at a library; the toy library is a unique part of the community, running not-for-profit for the community, by community members. The toy library is an incorporated association with a voluntary committee of management made up of members that sets the rules of operation and resolves the day-to-day running issues.


How will my child benefit?

 Play is important and needs to be fun, and supports children’s development as they learn new skills

  • By providing high-quality, age-appropriate toys, families can give their children a variety of experiences
  • It is a great meeting place for children and their families to make friends and be involved in the local community
  • Encouraging families to spend time together and play, while promoting the value and importance of play


What does the toy library offer?

  • Children of every age and stage are catered for, without your child getting disenchanted or bored.
  • Access high quality, age-appropriate toys, puzzles and games
  • Toys which cater to your child’s specific interests, offering choice to your child
  • Well-maintained and clean toys
  • A family-friendy environment
  • Grandparents and carers are welcome
  • The librarians may be able to assist with advice on suitable items for loan
  • An opportunity for you and your child to make friends in the local community


Toy Categories

  • Activity: Push and pull along toys
  • Baby: First toys for baby
  • Construction: Building and block sets
  • Dress Ups: Costumes from toddler to kinder size
  • Expression: Toys encouraging imaginative play
  • Game: Board games
  • Jigsaws: Inset puzzles and jigsaws
  • Music: Musical instruments
  • Water: Including sand and bath play


Why Should I Volunteer?

Melbourne Community Toy Library is a community organisation, we would not survive without volunteers! This is why we ask all members to complete "roster duty" (attending a borrowing session to check and count returned toys). 

Volunteering at the Library is a great way to meet other families, and to get the most out of your Toy Library membership. Members often comment about the toys they see while on duty, that they didn't even know we had!

Roster volunteers contribute to the operations of the toy library, and therefore keep running costs and membership fees down.

Without volunteers, the toy library can not run.


What if I Can't Volunteer at a Rostered Session?

If you feel you cannot complete roster duty at the library, you could:

  • Send another adult in your place
  • Ask us about alternatives (do you have a particular skill like sewing, toy repair, graphic design or marketing?)
  • Volunteer at community events or fund-raising events such as our Bunnings BBQ

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